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March 11, 2013
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April 10, 2013
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WOW meeting in Odessa

My husband and I have now both read your novel. We had fun discussing it. By the time I’d gotten to the end I was about ready to accuse YOU of being the criminal. You kept us in a guessing suspense. What a brilliant plot of twists and turns. I know you said that you felt it was character driven, but your plot surely didn’t hurt any. We discussed a simplified difference between a plot and a story yesterday at our WOW meeting.  A story: The king died, and then the queen died. A plot: The king died and then the queen died of grief. A story: The cat sat on the mat.  A plot: The cat sat on the other cat’s mat.

At our WOW meeting, we also discussed some of our favorite descriptive phrases from your book:
The words were tossed over his shoulder: pp. 16, 22, & 23
Obviously, I wasn’t a convert to his attitude. p. 23
My legs must inspire jeans designers. p. 41
Find more glue to squirt onto the rebellious dentures. p. 45
Not so tall. p. 61       Vibrating all of us with its stereos. p. 68
Dizzy from this point-counterpoint, Flash. p. 69
I sat opposite Reed & my traitorous cat . p. 69
Her favorite adage: If you think you can or you think you can’t–either way, you’re right. p. 71       Smother a chuckle. p. 78
Oblique reference to Thoreau. p. 80
My inner imp emerged. p. 99
I threaded around tables. p. 147
I remembered what had been niggling in my brain. p. 148
I struggled with the dichotomy I was experiencing. p. 149
The moose that wanted to eat a muffin. p. 176  (Is that a real book title?)
Wiggled his eyebrows and grinned naughtily. p. 179  (We tried wiggling our eyebrows. 🙂
That’s the reason I keep my steed gassed up! p. 179
A grin tugged at his mouth. Don’t spread sunshine on my cloudy day. p. 180
Her materializing so silently spooked me a bit. p. 183
The sopaipilla did look delicious, but . . .it was the size of Texas. p. 183

WOW meeting in Odessa WOW meeting in Odessa orig
I’m mailing your book to one of my sisters today. She likes to read books of new authors. Our daughter in Dallas retrieved the very insightful Hobbs newspaper article about you and printed it out for me. In my way, I’m helping to advertise it for you. 🙂   We look forward to reading future writings of yours, and we want to share our writings with you too. Keep us posted on how the sales are going and the result of your entering the novel in a national contest.   You’ve made more friends through your visit here and through your book.