Striking Blind: A Sorrel Janes Mystery

Sorrel Janes is an investigative reporter who went into witness protection following the murder of her husband by a cartel she was investigating. She has moved to a remote area of Southwestern New Mexico and lives on a ranch left to her by her aunt Rose. She is an excellent wildlife photographer and provides photo support to the local news paper in Saddle Gap, the closest town in the area. When she is asked to do a human interest story working with a cub reporter, she becomes entangled in a murder in the area when her photograph from her earlier life shows up the the murder victims pocket. She knows the danger if someone connected her with her previous life, and she has decided that she will not give up her new life for safety. When she and the reporter are captured and kidnapped by the killer, she is threatened once again, and must escape from her captors and contact the police for rescue. Readers can expect a real thriller in this story.
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Striking Blind book reviews from my readers

Excellent story with another surprise ending. Really enjoyable.

Ron Tucker

I never expected the ending!

Anne Sidwell