Blood Relations - This is the sequel of The Last Dance!

When Sorrel Janes, photographer, joins an old friend for a week-long birding festival at a wildlife refuge, she expects reminisces, fresh air, and good photos to sell in her gift shop. Instead, she discovers murder, mystery, terror, and family secrets which once again threaten to topple her existence. What is real? Who is genuine? With her usual tenacity, she follows the trails of deception and terror. What she discovers will change her world forever.
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A couple Blood Relations Reviews

The author, Lonna Enox, was a teacher here in Roswell, N.M. They had a nice write up on her in our local paper. So I thought I would buy her book. I sure enjoyed it. Also bought, Last Dance. Can't wait for the next book to come out. As I will buy that one also. Well worth the money. Hope she keeps this series going.

Diane L. Ruggiero

A great read. This second book brings the Sorrel and Reed into dangerous and intriguing twists and turns. I had a hard time putting this book down. Enjoyed the banter between Sorrel and Reed--wonder if there will be more to this two-some. I love a good murder mystery with high charged suspense and a little romance and this book delivered. Looking forward to the next step this story takes.


My wishes were granted to find book number two in this series. Already knowing the people in the story allowed me to get 'sucked' into this novel a little faster that Lonna's previous work. "Blood Relations" seemed deeper, yet it was an easy read just as the first. I was kept guessing and being surprised as the pages turned and the chapters changed. And I hope I am seeing the door leading to book number three opening soon. I love Lonna's characters and style of writing, and found myself visualizing and seeing the locations and the other participants. Great Job, Lonna.


In a tangled web of mystery and lies, the truth can only be discovered, if the seeker can survive. Often working out a mystery and following the clues can lead to danger. Unfortunately, sometimes the answers found may not be the ones wanted. "Blood Relations" is the second book in this cozy mystery series set in the contemporary Southwest. Not only will readers be intrigued throughout the story, they will enjoy the vivid descriptions of a wild bird refuge, the rugged beauty of the Southwest, along with the visuals of the quaint small towns and their local personalities that the mystery revolves around. Sorrel, a retired investigative journalist, is simply seeking peace after the brutal murder of her husband. She opened a small gift shop out of her home in Saddle Gap, with a close girlfriend, Teri, who handles the daily operations. This allows Sorrel to pursue her passion, photography, especially wildlife photography. She is mentored by her friend, John, also a professional wildlife photographer. It was on one of John and Sorrel’s trips that this mystery starts. Sorrel arrives at the Annual Crane Festival in Socorro, New Mexico as she and John had planned. The morning starts with some amazing views of the wintering birds, as well as a striking sunrise. When John fails to show up, and she is instead greeted by Chris Reed, a Saddle Gap detective, Sorrel fears the worst. Sorrel is determined to figure out what has happened to John. She feels that he is in trouble, and she will not stop searching until she gets some answers. Reed and Sorrel start to investigate John’s disappearance. Along the way they encounter many strange things that, at that point, don’t seem to make any sense: a dead body of an unidentified man, strange papers, phone messages from John’s attorney, and strange coded messages left in various places. Sorrel and Reed’s search propels them into harm’s way, where they find themselves terrorized and in situations that require tenacity, survival skills, and teamwork. When these experiences cause Sorrel to question the people and events in her life, she learns of a deception that will change her life forever. Sorrel and Reed have a feisty friendship that teeters on becoming more. She dodges his romantic flirtations with her sassy comments, exerting her independence. Undaunted, Detective Reed is more intrigued by her and her secretive past. Not many books leave me with the urge to immediately re-read them, but "Blood Relations" most certainly did. The subtlety of the details and clues written throughout the mystery surfaced only after I finished reading. It is an amazing talent for an author to leave you wanting to re-read her novel. And this well-written and entertaining book made me do so. I then went on to read book one, "The Last Dance," which was awarded the Best Debut Mystery in the CLUE Awards. a division of Chanticleer Writing Competitions. I was not disappointed. This reviewer is looking forward to reading the next book in this captivating and engaging contemporary Southwestern mystery series by Lonna Enox.

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